Salesforce.com (SFDC) is the worlds leading on-demand application provider. With its unique multi-tenant architecture and cloud computing Salesforce.com brings unparalleled advantages to enterprise application development and deployment. Bestir has a salesforce.com competency team with expertise in

Apex Programming

Controllers: Creating custom controllers using Apex programming that provide unique functionality for the UIs in your Salesforce.com org.

  • Standard Controller Extensions: Enhancing the standard functionality provided by Salesforce.com using Apex programming to meet your business needs and objectives.
  • Triggers: Utilizing the advantages of Apex Triggers to create seamless process flows and fine grained and rock-solid validations that need to be executed irrespective of the method used to manage data.
  • Custom Classes and Batch Apex: Creating custom classes using Apex to handle business requirements and to provide enhanced features to your business processes.

Visualforce Programming

  • Custom Styles using Custom CSS: Creating and employing custom style sheets for new or existing pages to be used as part of Salesforce.com CRM and for your sites.
  • Custom List Pages: Creating new list pages using Visualforce that enhance the standard functionality to meet your business process requirements.
  • Custom View Pages: Creating custom details and view pages using Visualforce that help in controlling what is being viewed by the users.
  • Custom Create/Edit Pages: Customizing create and edit operations using Visualforce pages such that it meets your business requirements.


  • Workflows: Customizing/Creating workflows to enhance your business process such as creating tasks, sending email notification, and updating records. These workflows can be activated based on based on criteria and time.
  • Approval Processes: Customizing/Creating Approval processes and flows such that appropriate and timely decisions can be made by the appropriate user and ensures that there is a continuous flow of work.
  • Record Types: Creating and managing different record types to enhance and reuse the standard features of Salesforce.com as per your needs.
  • Standard Objects: Customizing standard objects by changing the page layouts, add new validations, fields and relationships. Changing labels and security features are also done these objects.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Creating custom report types that help you generate various reports and dashboards to understand team, company performance and forecasting.

Data Migration & Integration

  • Data Migration to and from Salesforce.com: Providing services to migrate data from sources like Excel files, CSV files, SQL Server databases, MySQL databases to Salesforce.com and move data from Salesforce.com to the mentioned types using tools such as Data Loader, Apatar and Informatica.
  • Data Integrity: Using custom class and triggers to validate data that is sent to Salesforce.com. Providing de-dup and data correctness checking features and functions.
  • Integration with web applications: Using the WSDL and API provided by Salesforce.com we provide solutions to integrate your Salesforce.com organization with other On-Premise and custom applications.

AppExchange products

We provide services to manage the entire process of creating an AppExchange product. Services include Concepts, Designs, Development, Testing, Certification, Release and Listing. We also provide services for lead management and licensing.

  • Concept and Design: Providing solution to identify available options for AppExchange applications and the designing them in different ways to reach customers.
  • Building Apps for AppExchange: Creating and building different application that can be listed in the AppExchange directory where you can market it to other Salesforce.com users.
  • Testing:Testing the application for its functional design and also its technical integrity. We ensure that all the codes pass the test coverage requirements that Salesforce.com has maintained and ensure that Application is ready for certification.
  • Certification: Using the tools to review the application and apply it for certification. Interact with SFDC and get the application certified.
  • Packaging and Release: Creating managed packages that can be listed in AppExchange directory for other customers and companies to install.
  • AppExchange Listing: Creating an AppExchange listing for the application and setting up contents such as Instructions, Benefits, Screenshots and Videos related to the application. Creating and setting up a Test Drive application.
  • Lead management & Licensing: Setting up your ISV organization to manage your Application Packages, Package versions, leads and licenses.

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