Netsuite Business Process Review

    Business Process Review

  • Our BPR team will discuss with you to understand your Business processes.
  • Your Business processes will be mapped with NetSuite Features
  • Gap Analysis will be done to identify Standard and Custom Solutions
  • The standard system will be configured based on your needs
  • Configuration involves setting up general preferences, users, roles, profiles/responsibilities, company information, logo, checkboxes or list values required for the default functional flow
  • Approval process will be Identified and Setup
  • Workflows will be identified and Configured

Customization and Automation

  • Identifying and Analyzing the Business requirement
  • Designing the customizations that would solve gaps identified
  • Creating required custom objects, fields, default values, Defining scope of these objects and Setting preferences pertaining to customization
  • Customizing forms – adding regions, fields, basic validation rules, additional business logic, field dependencies, coordination with other fields
  • Creating custom HTML, CSS, Jquery based interfaces
  • Customizing Email and PDF templates
  • Creating user event actions (client scripting)
  • Creating and Executing Batch Scripting for data automation and other Business process automation
Netsuite Customization and Automation


Netsuite Dashboard and Analytics

   Dashboard and Analytics

  • Identifing and Analyzing the Business requirement
  • Defining the KPIs, filter criteria and results, target audience required
  • Gap Analysis to identify Standard and Custom Solution
  • Setting-up the summary result
  • Setting-up Dashboard KPI
  • Verifying the result
  • Studying the impact of form customizations and making necessary changes to associated saved searches/reports/KPIs/dashboard


Suite App Development

  • Identifing and Analyzing the Application Requirement
  • Designing the efficient and generic solution
  • Creating custom objects, fields and templates
  • Implementing Scripting, Approvals, Workflows
  • Implementing the Reports and KPIs and Dashboards
  • Creating bundle and deploying in NetSuite SuiteApp
NetSuite Suite App Development


Netsuite Data Migration

  Data Migration

  • Identifying the Source and destination entities
  • Identifying the mapping, transformation and translation rules
  • Creating any custom or staging objects if needed
  • Downloading source data
  • Creating a clean excel import file for each entity
  • Creating reusable Mapping in NetSuite
  • Importing the data cleanly and completely
  • Validating the results through UI/appropriate reports
  • Maintaining an inventory of source and target data, maintain raw data files in one location so there is an easy reference

Data Integration

  • Identifying the Source/destination systems and Entities
  • Identifying the Business processes that include the integration
  • Identifying Business rules involved
  • Designing the integration based on Mapping, volume and frequency
  • Creating the essential scripts (Restlets)
  • Creating essential Objects
  • Ensuring provisions for logging, error handling and Re-running
  • Executing Test run
  • Executing initial runs for each entities
  • Creating reusable interface for future integration needs
Netsuite Data Integration